a Type Automatic Chicken Cage System

a Type Automatic Chicken Cage System

A Frame LAYER CAGE System

A frame layer cage system made both for open up and near property CZPT, especially using commonly in tropical nation these kinds of as Africa, South East Asia and South Asia in which the farmers have big scale land for the huge poultry farms.

The A frame layer cage method is good top quality which is qualified by ISO 9001: 2008.

The A frame layer cage with scientific design and style, effective doing work, strong and construction.

The A body layer cage with decrease value via installation service.

CAGE Technique Specs

Product NO. Cell Size Cell Depth Mobile Height Dimension
/Unit (Mm)
Cells/Unit Per Set Tier/Set Birds For every Cell/Unit/Set
A390 390 350 380 1950*350*380 5/six 3 three/15/ninety
A4120 390 350 380 1950*350*380 5/eight 4 three/15/a hundred and twenty
A396 490 350 380 1960*350*380 4/six 3 four/16/ninety six
A4128 490 350 380 1960*350*380 four/eight 4 four/sixteen/128
A3120 430 420 410 2150*420*410 five/six three 4/20/120
A4160 430 420 410 2150*420*410 5/eight four four/twenty/one hundred sixty
A3150 430 500 430 2150*five hundred*430 5/6 three 5/25/150
A4200 430 500 430 2150*500*430 five/eight four 5/25/two hundred

The two the cage meshes and cage leg assistance frames are made by Q235A metal which make certain the cage meshes give ample elasticity to the layer birds and make the chicken truly feel very good for laying eggs.

Feed troughs: manufactured of PVC ones( a hundred% new substance) or the 1 . –one . 20mm thick hot galvanized metal sheets with spherical edge for practical cleansing, solid and sturdy design and style.


The two of the traveling hopper( feeding carts) kind and chain feeding system are CZPT.

The feeding cart related with the silo by the transverse feeding auger is more well-liked listed here.In this program, feed is dispersed routinely to the feed carts from the feed silos by the spiral augers located in a pipe with 90 -one hundred fifty mm diameter.

The augers and chain materials produced in South Africa, also the very best quality CZPT.

Ingesting Programs

This system is made up by the square pipes( thickness 2. 5mm) or round pipes( thickness two. 0mm) with 360 degree flowing nipple drinkers, h2o drip cups and drinking water strain regulators, terminals, splits, drinking water filters tends to make sure the h2o is clear and no damaging to the layers.

The medicater (from France) to farmers, the greatest quality founded CZPT due to the fact we are 1 of the approved distributors of DOSATRON in China. It makes certain the layer birds well being throughout all period of time.

AUCZPTTIC EGG Collection Program

It is created up by egg selection equipment, egg collection  belts (manufactured in Italy) and egg belt hooks. The machines
can be from 2 tier to eight tier.

A frame cages also can be geared up with egg conveyor technique which can provide all eggs from diverse houses to egg storage space.

Egg manufacturing of caged layer was described to be much more than people kept in deep litter system.


The scraper sort manure collection devices is created for A frame cage techniques which has manure pits under the cages.

The manure dropping from the cages in the manure pits, and the scraper can collect the manure from the manure pits to the outside of the chicken house.
This technique is popular style in Africa or other nations around the world who want to raise chickens on flooring with cages.

A Body LAYER CAGE Technique Benefits

Preserving a lot more value for farmers simply because its lower investment as H body layer cage method .

It is very easily to produce and put in in clientele farm and make upkeep, removal of tension factors.

It is easily to handle parasitic ailment like cocidiosis and worm infestation.

It is very easily to manage feed wastage due to the fact of the particular design and style feed trough edge with spherical bottom.

The cage strategy of housing is best for the spot of moderated local climate situations the place the working day temperature in summer season is not large or fall also lower.

The overlap parts is greater so the chicken residence can get considerably greater ventilation, it can be utilised in open up or near home.

a Type Automatic Chicken Cage System