Casting Combination Conveyor Chain

Casting Combination Conveyor Chain

Mixture chain
one. C – Class chain
two. H – Class Mill chain
3. H – Course Transfer chain
4. four hundred Course Pintle chain

Malleable solid iron chains H82 H130 H138 H78 H78A H78B C188 C188-K2 BRH188 C55 C55A C55B C55D, drop forged chain chain
We generate all kinds of: 462 477 488 488K1 H82 H130 H138 H60 H78 H78A H78B C188 C188-K2 BRH188

Malleable solid iron chains H60 H78 H78A H78B C188 C188-K2 BRH188 C77 C102B C102B-K2 C131 C55 C55A C55B C55D,

Fall cast chain chain C77 C102B C102B-K2 C131C55 C55A C55B C55D

The items are primarily offered to the Center East, CZPTpe and the The us with more than twenty many years of heritage. We also hope to produce much more new classes with enterprise business. For other objects not shown, please ship e-mail for information:

HangCZPT CZPT Market Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of a complete range of chains, sprockets, gears, equipment racks, pulley, couplings, keyless locking unit, bush, conveyor line spare areas, auto accessory, gearbox, and other transmission spare parts.

Our conveyor chains are as following products:

Short pitch, double pitch conveyor roller chain:
1)CZPTpean common brief pitch roller conveyor add-ons: A1 – WSK2
2)CZPTpean CZPT Short Pitch Hollow Pin Chains and accessories: 08BHP – 12BHP
three)CZPTpean common short pitch bending roller conveyor: 08BSB, 10BSB, 4)12BSB
four)CZPTpean standard double pitch conveyor chain: C208B – C232BL
five)American CZPT Short pitch conveyor chain attachments: A1 – WSK2
6)American CZPT Short Pitch Hollow Pin Chain: 40HP – 80HP
seven)American CZPT limited pitch bending roller conveyor: 35SB – 80SB
8)American CZPT CZPT pitch conveyor roller: C2040 – C2162H
nine)American CZPT CZPT pitch conveyor roller attachment: A1 – WSK2
10)American common double pitch hollow pin chain: C2040HP – C2082HP
11)American CZPT CZPT pitch conveyor roller scoliosis: C2040SB, C2050SB, C2060SB
12)American standard double pitch conveyor roller CZPT Big: C2042D – C2102HD
13)American CZPT controllable conquer conveyor (pace chain): C2030VR – C2080VR
fourteen)American CZPT side-mounted conveyor roller (brief pitch double pitch): 40PSR – 100PSR C2040PSR – C2100PRS
fifteen)American CZPT overhead plastic roller conveyor chains (limited pitch, double pitch and long pitch): 40TR – 100TR C2040TR – C2100TR

Long pitch conveyor chain
one)American CZPT (ANSI) regular overloaded conveyor (huge roller flange roller chain): UM0703 – UM2430
two)CZPT CZPT (ISO) solid pin conveyor (metric conveyor chains, conveyor chains metric) and components Chains: M, MT Collection
3)CZPT CZPT (ISO) hollow pin conveyor (metric conveyor chains, conveyor chains metric) and accessories Chains: MC, MCT Collection
four)British CZPT (BS) Metric strong pin conveyor chains and components Chains: E, ET Series
5)British CZPT (BS) Metric Hollow Pin Chains and components Chains: EC, ECT collection
6)British CZPT (BS) inch reliable pin conveyor and conveyor accessories: Z, ZT Collection
7)British CZPT (BS) Inch Hollow Pin Chains and equipment Chains: ZC, ZCT Series
eight)DIN CZPT (DIN) strong pin and hollow shaft conveyor and conveyor accessories: FV, FVT Series FVH, FVHT sequence
9)Japanese common (JIS) long pitch straight roller conveyor and conveyor accessories: JM Collection
ten)Japanese regular (JIS) bearing sleeve Chains: Make sure you contact the income division.
eleven)Japanese normal (JIS) CZPT Roller CZPT: you should speak to the income office.
twelve)Japanese normal (JIS) plastic bushing conveyor roller: You should make contact with the income office.
thirteen)Unique conveyor chains, non-normal conveyor chains, unique conveyor chains, specific conveyor chains, particular-objective conveyor chains

Casting Combination Conveyor Chain