Cat Technology 230HP High Drive Bulldozer for Garbage Landfill Plant

Cat Technology 230HP High Drive Bulldozer for Garbage Landfill Plant

CZPT SWD7S Wetland Bulldozer Primary Rewards

one CZPT electronically controlled motor fulfills the third stage emission requirements of national non-street machinery. It is clever, efficient, flexible and low upkeep expense.
2 CZPT mechanical torque converter makes use of exterior shunt equipment and hydraulic output, which has the attributes of hydraulic transmission that can instantly adapt to the modify of load and great mechanical transmission efficiency, and enhances transmission efficiency.
3 Power shift gearbox adopts planetary wheel construction, which has high transmission efficiency. The gearbox clutch adopts multi-plate wet kind, oil stress combination, spring separation, strain oil lubrication and cooling clutch.
4 Steering and braking clutch are adjustable-free, soaked multi-plate clutch. Brake clutch is usually mixed and steering clutch is typically separated. A lock brake unit is designed to hold the total machine in braking state when starting up the motor, which improves the protection of the entire device.
five The last push is a two-stage planetary deceleration system, which is mounted exterior the steering and braking clutch. The merged chain enamel have compact framework. When fixing the ultimate transmission, it is not required to open up the crawler and the going for walks frame, so it is convenient to repair, disassemble and assemble.
six The driving sprocket is separated from the walking body and organized on the same axis as the final generate and steering brake clutch. The tracked observe is triangular, eliminating the effect load straight transmitted from the floor to the driving sprocket, and increasing the support existence of the transmission system by thirty%.
The modular layout of transmission elements lowers the link of assembly station and facilitates disassembly and servicing.

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Product CZPT
Kind Six-cylinder,h2o-cooled
turbocharged,mechanical injection
Rated electricity 169KW
Rated pace 1800rpm
Implement CZPT Program  
CZPT flow charge 194L/min
CZPT stress 18.6MPa
Pump variety Higher pressure gear pump
Handle valve CZPT operated pilot manage
Underneath Carriage Technique  
Sprocket Elevated
Amount of monitor rollers (each facet) seven
Amount of provider rollers (each side) (four solitary, three double)
Quantity of front idler (each side) twelve
Monitor kind One grouser
Monitor rigidity CZPT
Track pitch 220mm
Monitor width 760mm
Number of monitor shoes (each and every facet) forty six
Track duration on floor 3655mm
Floor clearance 404mm
Major CZPT Specification  
Functioning excess weight(CZPT ripper) 24500Kg
Floor force(CZPT ripper) .0053MPa
Quality capacity 58%
All round proportions (L×W×H, CZPT ripper) 6220×4382×3482mm
Max. tractive force 280KN
Doing work Gear  
Blade kind Aspect-tipping
Width 4382mm
Top 1350mm
Max. digging depth 500mm
Max. lift above ground 1170mm
Tilting angle
Blade capacity seven.4m3
Transmission System  
Torque converter Electrical power separating
hydraulic mechanical sort
Transmission assembly Built-in bevel gear,
a number of stage planetary equipment box,
speed altering control valve,
Ultimate push Two stage planetary
reduction equipment system
Gear shifts(Ahead/Reverse) F3/R3
Travelling speed(km/h)  
Forward/Reverse I 3.9/4.8
Forward/Reverse II 6.5/eight.two
Forward/Reverse III 10.nine/13.two
Major Features  
Special elevated sprocket, triangle shaped track  
Power separating hydraulic-mechanical torque  
Assembly-created transmission, effortless services  
and upkeep  
3-phase alarm electron monitor program  
Pivot-type articulating technique  
ROPS cab  
Steering Clutch And Brake  
Steering clutch  
Oil-sort, free-adjustment, numerous disc, pressed  
Steering brake  
Pressed by spring, separated hydraulically,  
costant meshed sort  
Services Capacities  
Gasoline tank 450L
Water tank 118L
Apply oil tank 100L
Angle, U-blade  
Air conditioner  

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Cat Technology 230HP High Drive Bulldozer for Garbage Landfill Plant