CCS Marine Inflatable Rubber Pneumatic Yokohama Fender Price

CCS Marine Inflatable Rubber Pneumatic Yokohama Fender Price

All types of Maritime Rubber Fender For boat


Merchandise Introduction of Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender     


Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender also known as pneumatic fender, rubber fender, yokohama fender,produced by rubber & multi layer of rubber-dipped tyre fabric, is a major anti-collision device for maritime software in the world right now. 

  Marine fenders have turn out to be an best ship safety medium towards collision amid ship-to-ship (STS), ship to quay (STQ) and ship-to-berthing (STB), they are broadly used for large tankers, vessels, docks, harbor wharfs and ocean platforms.

1.What is floating pneumatic boat fender with tire chain ? ocean guard maritime fender

Fender which is created of artificial-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it to float on the h2o and function as a shock absorber in between two ships or in between ships and berthing buildings when they appear alongside each and every other on the drinking water.

Observe:The fenders occasionally be colloquially  referred to as “Yokohama fenders” or “yokohama variety fenders”.These are illustrations of suitable products CZPT commercially.

There is a photo to display how Pneumatic rubber marine fender working—–

2.Merchandise Composition-  pneumatic boat fender with tire chain   yokohama fender price

The raw content of the Pneumatic rubber maritime fender is natrual rubber +synthetic-tyre-wire material

Software of Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender                    

 –Oil and gas tankers


 –Fast ferries and aluminium vessels


 –Temporary and permanent installations


— Rapid response and emergencies


Features of Maritime Pneumatic Rubber Fender                         


one.Can support large panels

two.Very low reaction and hull pressure

3.Suitable for small and large tidal ranges

four.Maintains large clearances between hull and structure


1)Outer rubber layer

Rubber layer that covers the outside of the fender to safeguard the cord levels and the inner liner rubber from abrasion and other external forces.  

2)Interior rubber layer

liner of a rubber membrane that seals the pressurized air inside of the fender.(In general,we will make some interior rubber container in advance and inflate them.couple of times later on,we will take a look at the strain once again.The one which it’s strain did not change is good 1.We will place it into store and when clients purchase we can use it directly.This can ensure every single fender we send out to consumer is airtight one)

3)Artificial-tyre-twine layer for reinforcement layer yokohama fender price tag

layer created of artificial-tyre-wire material which maintains the interior air stress of the fender.

four)Flange opening yokohama fender value

which is mounted on the fender to which an air valve can be adapted.(our flange are all Embedded welding, very secure)

five)Original interior pressure  yokohama fender value

Air force at which an uncompressed fender operates.

yokohama pneumatic fender

2.There are two types Pneumatic rubber maritime fender  : yokohama fender cost

1)Sling-variety fender:fender which is designed to be used CZPT a safety net.

two)Net-kind fender:fender which is lined by a safety net consisting of chain and

with tyres or rubber sleeves. yokohama pneumatic fender


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CCS Marine Inflatable Rubber Pneumatic Yokohama Fender Price