G80 High Strength Alloy Lifting Load Chain En818-2

G80 High Strength Alloy Lifting Load Chain En818-2

H-Raise G80 Chain

  ITEM  Measurement Pitch Width (mm) Fat Doing work Load Limit Evidence Force Min. Breaking Load
mm mm Interior Min. External Max. kg/m t kN kN
G8S0618 six eighteen seven.eight 22.two .seventy eight 1.twelve 28.3 forty five.two
G8S0721 7 21 9.one 25.nine 1.06 one.five 38.5 sixty one.six
G8S0824 eight 24 ten.4 29.six 1.38 two. 50.3 80.four
G8S1030 ten 30 13. 37. two.twenty 3.15 78.5 126
G8S1339 thirteen 39 16.nine 48.1 3.70 5.three 133 212
G8S1648 sixteen 48 twenty.eight 59.two 5.60 8. 201 322
G8S1854 18 54 23.four sixty six.6 6.eighty 10. 254 407
G8S2060 twenty 60 26. seventy four. eight.60 12.five 314 403
G8S2266 22 sixty six 28.6 81.four ten.twenty 15. 380 608
G8S2678 26 seventy eight 33.eight ninety six.2 14.87 21.two 531 849
G8S3296 32 ninety six 41.six 118. 22.29 31.5 804 1290

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H-Carry is an ISO 9001 accredited agency and a member of LEEA, specializes in the discipline of lifting&hoistng equipments, textile lifting sling. transport and load restraint, lifting chain and chain sling, wire rope and wire rope sling. rigging hardware and other products.

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G80 High Strength Alloy Lifting Load Chain En818-2