Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Welded Mesh for Concrete Reinforcing

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh   Welded Mesh for Concrete Reinforcing

Galvanized welded wire mesh &sol Welded mesh for concrete reinforcing

Welded wire mesh
one&period10 many years manufacturing facility
2&time period Can CZPT
three&interval ISO certification
4&interval Produce on time
Welded wire mesh&interval Galvanized welded wire mesh
Product Description
one&period Welding fashion&colon
Sizzling dipped galvanized right after or before welding
Electro galvanized after or before welding
2&time period Use&colon
Welded wire mesh is used in business and agriculture building&comma transportation and
Mining for all such purposes as poultry residences&comma egg baskets&comma runway enclosures&comma
Draining rack&comma fruit drying display screen&comma fence
3&period Attributes of welded wire mesh&colon
A> made of high quality iron wire&time period
B> various configurations and dimensions&time period
C> employed for the free strata to stay away from falling rocks&time period
D> appropriate for shotcrete apps&period of time
E> assortment of measurements to go well with roadway width and bolting patterns&interval
F> straightforward installation
G> CZPT in black or scorching dip galvanized

Specification List of Welded Wire Mesh
Opening Wire Diameter
In inch In metric unit&lparmm&rpar
one&sol4″ x one&sol4″ six&period4mm x six&period4mm 22&comma23&comma24
three&sol8″ x three&sol8″ 10&period6mm x ten&period6mm 19&comma20&comma21&comma22
1&sol2″ x one&sol2″ twelve&period7mm x twelve&period7mm sixteen&comma17&comma18&comma19&comma20&comma21&comma22&comma23
five&sol8″ x five&sol8″ 16mm x 16mm eighteen&comma19&comma20&comma21&comma
3&sol4″ x three&sol4″ 19&period1mm x 19&period1mm sixteen&comma17&comma18&comma19&comma20&comma21
one” x one&sol2″ 25&period4mm x 12&period7mm 16&comma17&comma18&comma19&comma20&comma21
one-one&sol2″ x one-one&sol2″ 38mm x 38mm 14&comma15&comma16&comma17&comma18&comma19
one” x 2″ twenty five&period4mm x fifty&period8mm fourteen&comma15&comma16
two” x two” 50&period8mm x fifty&period8mm 12&comma13&comma14&comma15&comma16
CZPT Be aware&colon
one&commaCZPT roll duration&colon 30m&semiwidth&colon &period5m to 1&period8m
two&commaSpecial sizes CZPT at ask for
three&commaPacking&colon in waterproof paper in rolls&period of time CZPT packing CZPT at ask for

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh   Welded Mesh for Concrete Reinforcing