Good Performance Rice Straw Silage Cutter Hot Sale

Good Performance Rice Straw Silage Cutter Hot Sale

Rice straw silage cutter


The equipment is run by a motor. The energy is transmitted to the main shaft, and the equipment at the other finish of the main shaft transmits the pace-controlled electrical power to the grazed grass via a gear box, a universal joint, and many others. When the material to be processed enters among the upper and reduce strain grasshoppers, it is pressed. Holding and feeding at a particular velocity into the reducing mechanism, after the large-velocity rotary cutter is chopped and thrown out of the equipment through the grass.


one. Grass feeding mechanism, feeding grass roller gadget, automated feeding, non-wrapped grass in the conveyor chain, sleek feeding, high production performance.

two. Pace-altering gear box composition, straightforward and rapid adjustment of grass duration, trustworthy sealing of box and good lubrication.

three. The transmission element is outfitted with an externally modified roller bearing and a common joint. It has a compact composition, versatile operation, and easy disassembly and assembly.

4. The feeding and conveying system is controlled by a switch, making it effortless to swap and transfer freely.

five. The blade is manufactured of put on-resistant metal, refined by a special process, put on-resistant higher-power bolt connection, steady and reputable overall performance.



Product Power(KW) Weight Dimension(mm) Ability(T/H)
LB9Z-3. 5.5 180 1250*1150*1670 2.5-3.5
LB9Z-five. 5.five 350 2690*1210*2390 4.five-5.five
LB9Z-eight. 7.5 480 3110*1500*2860 6-8
LB9Z-10. 15 1000 3510*1800*4210 8-10
LB9Z-12. eighteen.five 1285 3810*1900*4230 12-eighteen
LB9Z-fifteen. 22 1500 4100*1950*4350 fifteen-twenty
LB9Z-twenty. thirty 2000 4350*2050*4550 20-thirty
LB9Z-thirty. 45 3000 4850*2350*4550 twenty five-38


Good Performance Rice Straw Silage Cutter Hot Sale