Hall Effect Magnetic Gear Speed Sensor

Hall Effect Magnetic Gear Speed Sensor

Corridor Result Magnetic Gear Pace Sensor GVS-H-002

GVS collection gear pace sensor is created of Hall sensor, magnet and housing, and so forth. High temperature resistance. AlNiCo or SmCo magnet as magnetic discipline, when ferrous gear rotates, Hall sensor detects the adjustments of the magnetic field and output an electrical sign.
The Corridor sensor is imported from Japan and Usa, large reliablity, reputable sign output when higher pace or zero pace, no miscount, high precision. And has tiny size, effortless to set up. We also provide twin channel sensor which take a look at pace and rotation course at the very same time.

Non contact detection
Higher reliability
Broad frequency reaction (~100KHz)
Severe environment evidence
CZPT square wave output signal
Electricity provide reverse connection protection and output short circuit safety

Broadly udsed in speed detection and position detection of equipment, plate and chain, also modest items proximity detection. Can operate in severe atmosphere like substantial temperature, large strain, water, oil and dust. Stable overall performance.


Item Parameters Remarks
Design GVS-H-002  
Housing Substance Nickel plated brass  
Offer Electrical power 6-24VDC  
Load Existing 20mA max  
Output Channel Single channel  
Air Hole 2mm max  
Frequency Reaction -100KHz  
Output Variety NPN open up collector output  
Sign Amplitude VOL≤0.6V
Defense Reverse relationship defense
Brief circuit security
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ  
CZPTal connection AVVR 3×0.2×300 Sheath wire
Tensile Toughness 5kg Between wire and housing
Services Daily life three many years  
Working Temp -75ºC  
Humidity 90% max  
Mechanical vibration  7g f=20-400Hz, every course
Mechanical Shock 10g/16ms a thousand times, every single course
Ingress Security IP65  
ESD defense four.5KV  
CZPT Area Interference 200V/m  
Installation Thread M12x1
Actuator Multipole magnet
Set up direction Magnet rotate direction regular with the probe mark line

Set up


Hall Effect Magnetic Gear Speed Sensor