High Configuration Fully Automatic Paper Cone Core Forming Machine for Textile

High Configuration  Fully Automatic  Paper Cone  Core Forming Machine  for Textile

High configuration/ fully automatic/ paper cone/ core forming device/ for textile 

Solution information

TRZ-2017 automatic conical paper tube creation line require no manual operation from raw paper to paper tube item. The complete manufacturing approach is managed by PLC programming, major engine transmission employs cam timing mechanism. All bearings of the machine undertake Japanese NSK bearings. Each situation requires double speed variable frequency handle engineering. Also the none mechanical abrasion photoelectric manage, approaching management and pneumatic hold off manage, which recognize the mechanical and electrical integration. Appropriate for the generation of conical tube with different specification.
Rolling—interior and exterior printing—edge grinding—chopping—Reeling—Drying—Finishing—slicing V-formed opening—opening processing—pressing—grinding—galling—finishing
Major Parameter:
Power:forty nine.2KW  
Velocity: forty eight-fifty pcs/min
Dimension: 14000mm*6000mm*3800mm
Operator: one

one. reeling device

TRZ-2017 automatic conical paper tube reel is suitable for conical tubes of a variety of specification. After hanging the paper roll, interior and external printing, edge grinding, reducing, reeling, head reducing, the semi-finished paper tube will be sent to the dryer. It takes double velocity variable frequency management engineering. The reeling velocity will be altered automatically. The complete procedure is eased by connecting with the dryer.
Main parameter:
For conical tubes with a variety of taper and calibre.
Speed: forty eight-fifty pcs/min
Power: thirteen.27kw
Dimension: 6080mm*2240mm*1500mm

two. following ending device

TRZ-2017 soon after ending component is created to change the semi-finished merchandise into conical paper tube soon after V cutting, grinding, urgent, reversing and galling.
The velocity can be modified freely with more than-load protector and automated stopping equipment when the poor operation happens to promise the security and steadiness and decrease the waste charge. The following finishing equipment can also be utilised individually.
Principal parameter:
For conical tubes with various taper
Pace: 48-fifty/min
Air pressure: .3-.4mpa
Size: 2600*1600*1580mm

3. drying machine

The TRZ-2017 vehicle-temperature manage dryer employs chain-type circulation drying. Right after location up the temperature, the warmth can be controlled, taken care of and modified freely, featured Reduced consumption and substantial final result. Paper tube can be feed and gathered immediately right after connecting with other tools.
Main Parameter:
Pace: 48-fifty pcs/min
Power: 10.1-24.5kw
Size: 5620mm*1700mm*3800mm

About us

  ZheJiang Tongri Electricity Science and Technologies Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for digit-manage equipment instrument and paper-merchandise gear. In 1990, we commenced to manufacture textile bobbin and spiral paper tube with Hao Li Factory from ZheJiang in the sort of joint venture. In 1992 we created semi-automatic conical and spiral paper tube production line which is marketed throughout the total nation with our advanced technology, processing strategy, exceptional product good quality and high-stage support.
  In 2006, we developed QZD-sixty eight automated conical paper tube generation line after the absorption of German and South Korean technology. The new device is coming with mechatronics to achieve low-labor, low-use, substantial-efficiency, large-top quality paper tube manufacturing.
  In 2017, we designed all new automatic conical paper tube generation line-TRZ-2017 soon after leaning from advanced expertise and enhancing our current product. The effectiveness has been enhanced to a whole new level. 
  We have nearly 30 several years equipment manufacturing and processing encounter.
  We have virtually 20 years paper tube and bobbin manufacturing encounter.
  We’ll give you superb package of paper tube production line and in depth encounter.

Product gain
  ZheJiang Tongri Energy Science and Technologies Co.,Ltd focus on high level tools manufacturingsupported by digit manage and industrial automation technologies. We encourage our engineering personnel to be imaginative at all moments.
  High good quality, unusual tools consists of entirely hydrostatic, digit-milling machine TK6918*a hundred and twenty and gantry,digit-management dull-milling machine XK2750*220, which can guarantee our substantial high quality production.
  Science and technologies is the initial efficiency. The design group is the main of modern business. We have seven senior technician and the team have practically twenty national intellectual residence patents (involves 4 invention patents)and it is nevertheless increasing.
  Our managing team has a lot more than twenty several years encounter, which promise us the continuous advancement.
  We focus on large-stop merchandise, maximum regular of this sector. To be the best is our aim without end.

Major product
Paper cone equipment
Paper tube machine
Corrugated carton equipment
Paper cone generating equipment
Fireworks paper cone machine
Textile paper cone machine
Parallel paper tube producing machine
ZK-24 Gantry kind drilling and tapping machine
Large speed gantry sort CNC drilling device
CNC uninteresting and milling equipment
CZPT production line

High Configuration  Fully Automatic  Paper Cone  Core Forming Machine  for Textile