Ht3 Series Ht3-7.9 Double-Wall Heat-Shainkable Tube

Ht3 Series Ht3-7.9 Double-Wall Heat-Shainkable Tube


First shrinking temperature:70ºC
Entire shrinking temperature:125ºC
Melting temperature of inside adhesive layer:70ºC-80ºC
Shrinking ratio:three:one
Seal,water-evidence,strong flexbility,practical use,in a position to shrink when heated with oven or scorching air guntimely offer and deliveryand massive generation.
Shades normal:Black (Other hues are upon the clients’ needs)   

HT3 series is a semi-conducting thermal shrinkable bushing coated with a layer of thermosol within.Its external layer is made up of radiation cross-connected polythene,and its inner layer is the specially made adhesive internal wall.When it is heated,the interior thermosol will shrink to the exterior wall and fill the clearance.When it is cooled,the thickness of double walls is very even and reliable.It is extensively used for the drinking water-tightness and air-tightness of wiring for electronic equipments ,the sealing of wiring department,rust defense of metal wires,and the solution of wires and cables.It can avert the polymer chains from loosening and falling ,this sort of as pool lamp,vehicle pipeline,and advanced traces.                                                                                                                               


Merchandise NO. AS Supplied After SHRINKAGE Application PACKING
HT-three-2.four 2.7±0.3 .7±0.15 .3±0.1 .eight .9-2.two 200
HT3-three.two 3.5±0.three .9±0.fifteen .35±0.1 one. 1.-3.1 200
HT3-four.8 five.1±0.3 one.0±0.fifteen .4± 1.six one.eight-4.6 one hundred
HT3-six.4 6.8±0.four one.2±0.fifteen .45±0.12 2.two 2.four-six.four one hundred
HT3-seven.nine 8.3±0.4 one.3±0.15 .5±0.twelve two.7 100
HT3-nine.five 9.9±0.4 1.4±0.fifteen .5±0.12 3.two 3.four-9.four 1.22 13.2±0.5 1.6±0.two .5±0.12 four.two 4.four-12.five one.22
HT3-15. 15.5±0.5 one.8±0.2 .55±0.12 five.2 five.4-14.eight 1.22
HT3-19.1 19.6±0.five two.0±0.2 .55±0.twelve 6.three six.five-18.8 one.22
HT3-twenty five.four 26.2±0.8 2.1±0.two .55±0.fifteen 8.five eight.eight-25 one.22
HT3-30. 30.5±0.8 2.2±0.two .6±0.fifteen 10.2 ten.five-thirty one.22
HT3-39 39.8±0.8 2.4±0.2 .6±0.fifteen 13.5 14.-9 one.22
HT3-50 fifty.0±0.8 2.7±0.25 .7±0.fifteen 17. seventeen.5-forty nine one.22
HT3-64 ≥64 three.0±0.twenty five .7±0.15 21. 22-sixty two one.22
HT3-75 ≥76 3.0±0.three one.0±0.2 25. 26-seventy two one.22
HT3-90 ≥90 three.0±0.3 1.0±0.2 thirty. 32-88 one.22
HT3-one hundred ≥100 three.0±0.3 1.0±0.2 34. 36-90 one.22
HT36-125 ≥125 three.0±0.3 one.0±0.two 42. forty four-a hundred twenty five one.22




Q1. What is actually the MOQ?
       USD3000,negotiatable for demo purchase.
Q2. What is actually the delivery time for sample buy?
          The proofing time is 5-seven days.
Q3. What’s the shipping and delivery time for initial order?
          Usually twenty five-30 times,during hectic year,it’s is 30-45 times accordint to your obtain quantity.
Q4. What is actually the payment terms?
          We take T/T L/C,other way please consult by email.
Q5. How to pay for the order?
          thirty% deposit ,70% equilibrium acquired before B/L.
Q6. Could you offer samples?

Q7. Can you give the CIF value?
         CIF price tag we will demand for the detailed amount and size.
Q8. What’s the package deal?
         Cartoon box.We can adhere to as your requested if you have particular requested in packing.


Ht3 Series Ht3-7.9 Double-Wall Heat-Shainkable Tube