Nigeria Metcoppo Roof Sheet Forming Machine

Nigeria Metcoppo Roof Sheet Forming Machine

Nigeria Metcoppo Roof Sheet Forming Equipment
metcoppe is a quite well-known aluminum roof design in Nigeria,individuals use this roof for household home.
Our roll forming device is completely automated device,distinct types can be cusotmized as your request.

one. Wonderful appearence.
2. Low sound.
3. Higher effectiveness.
4. Good top quality.
five. Esay handle.
Guy-made uncoiler-Roll forming device-compture manage program-hydraulic handle method-kind cutter

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. gadget
Undertake guiding bar and sliding block to control the width and position of the steel sheet. The coil is guided in the appropriate position and handed to the roll forming method. Can alter the guiding bar with loosing the fixing bolts to feed sheet in proper position. It’s mounted composition to make confident can not shift very easily.
Roll Forming Method:
Roll forming system consist of machine frame, transmission technique, electrical motor and roll forming program.
A. Device frame adopts welding structure with shot blasting and portray treatment method
B. All rollers content undertake substantial high quality No. forty five metal, with hard chrome coated on surface area, all treatment by entire CNC equipment, to make confident the rollers with good rigidity and precision, and sort excellent roofing sheet as per style.
C. All rolling shafts are created by higher high quality No. forty five steel with quench and temper therapy, so the shafts with excellent rigidity which could use for extended tern CZPT deformation.
D. Rolling shafting supporting structure type is steel wall and welded with the basement with each other to have rigidity.
E. Cycloidal pin equipment pace reducer motor driven, the again/CZPT roller driven by chain, element of upper/reduced rollers pushed by gear
F. Change the screw bar manually to change the length in between higher/reduced rollers for distinction thickness of sheet.
(Focus: All rolling program has altered in our firm as a perfect scenario, we don’t suggest to change the rollers at random, if necessary, ought to change by a skilled technician or soon after prepare by our engineer. In any other case will result in the device can not kind a good profile

Previous station ought to be like this there is no place amongst

Reducing gadget

A. Adopts post chopping, the cutting blade materials is Cr12 with quenched remedy, right after chopping, there is no material squandered.
B. Adopts welded frame for great rigidity.
C. The chopping action is droved by the power from hydraulic station which guarantees the procession of the slicing and lower noisy, extended lifestyle.

It is managed by gear wheel oil pump. Following filling the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic oil tank, the pumps drive the cutter device to get started the cutting task.
The method consists of a established of hydraulic tank, a established of hydraulic oil pump, two hydraulic pipes. And two sets of electromagnetism valves.

Power of the oil pump: 3kw
CZPT oil: forty#
PLC management system

It adopts industrial laptop to manage. The focus on piece’s duration is adjustable and digit of it can be adjusted. Computed manner has two modes: Automated and manual one. The method is simple to work and use.
Processing precision: In 1.00mm
It contains contact monitor, programmer, transformer for the digital machines and kits of each and every part.
PLC is ZheJiang Panasonic
Transducer brand name is ZheJiang taida
The seller must offer Chinese and English language screen
One counter gauges size, pulses, and decides length.

Suited to procedure Steel plate
Rollers 28rows
Proportions 11*1.2*.9m
Electricity 3kw(2sets) cycloidal needle wheel type
Diameter of the roller ¢70mm
Frame of the device Welded 300H steel facet board is manufactured of 16mm metal framework
Chopping to length employing flying noticed slicing
Decoiler: Expansion sort max ,loading1-2T
Voltage 380V  50Hz


Nigeria Metcoppo Roof Sheet Forming Machine