Pile Turner Connected with Flute Laminating Machine

Pile Turner Connected with Flute Laminating Machine

Technical specs

Model FZ1650
Max sheet size L*W 1650mmx1600mm
Mini sheet size L*W 500mmx440mm
Mini selection thickness 70
Max collection thickness a hundred and eighty
Max Velocity 10000pcs/ hr
Pile Top 1700mm
Equipment Fat 8000kg
Electricity 9kw
Dimension 10500x3550x3300

2.Main Functions:
a)Machine Introduce
The equipment adopts servo transmitting with the attributes of swift reaction and correct management. It can realize a non-cease managing a speed of 10000 sheets/hour with 7 mm thickness of five ply paper sheet. It can link with all kinds of conveyor.
b)Crucial functions:
1Accelerating device :This main function of this part is to individual the sheets from the conveyor by accelerating the conveying pace so that it can go to the flip-flop effortlessly.
2Unique turning composition of this equipment can shorten the turning time, ensuring the stable managing at substantial speed.  
3Aligning unit jointly with the main and vice amassing program makes the device operate CZPT halting when pile is sent out. It not only assures a neat sheet pile but also enhances the generation effectiveness greatly.
three.Parts Introduction:
a)Conveying Belts

1The sheet ship to the non-slip belt of the flip-flop equipment, and aligning by side lay. The pressing wheel speed is quicker than the belts, it can aid the sheets to the divided gadget easily.
lWhen modify the dimensions of conveying device, the belts can be moved automatically.

b)Stacking Unit

1The width adjustment of facet lay is coincident with the conveying unit, make the order change easy and quickly.
2Adjustable photoelectric and replicate mirror is practical to stacking height adjusting.
c)Flip-flop Unit

1Servo motor handle the reversing purpose, it can increase the complete speed of the device.
2The sheet pushing system is pushed by servo motor, so its speed is curvilinear to shield the sheet pile from harmful.

d)Shipping Unit

lIt is equipped with particular vice delivery framework which utilizes lifting chains and rollers to move CZPT and backward,to comprehend non-stop amassing.
lPneumatic cylinder aligning the 4 sides of the sheet pile to make the collection tidy.

e)Pallet Loading

lPre-load the sheet pile pallet to obtain non-end working.

g)Pallet Output

lThe motor output the sheet pile immediately.


Pile Turner Connected with Flute Laminating Machine