PU Polyurethanes U01 Slurry Pump Spare Parts Cover Plate Liner

PU Polyurethanes   U01 Slurry Pump Spare Parts Cover Plate Liner

              PU Polyurethanes / U01 Slurry Pump CZPT Components Go over Plate Liner

Naipu® factory of slurry pump , gravel sand pump , dredging pump and spare areas.

The Pumps and CZPT Components can totally interchange with AH HH M L SP AF G Sequence.

Polyurethane impeller (PUR and PU) is produced by Polyurethane which is a polymer composed of a chain of organic models joined by carbamate (urethane) hyperlinks. This impeller have better efficiency than character rubber impeller for the slurry transportation. 

We also can do OEM As the drawing or previous sample

Slurry Pump PU Polyurethanes Components

Pump Model Parts Name Material Parts Code 
three/2C-AH Impeller U01 C2147R
cover plate liner U01 C2017R
Frame Plate Liner U01 C2036R
4/3D-AH Impeller U01 D3147R
cover plate liner U01 D3017R
Frame Plate Liner U01 D3036R
6/4E-AH Impeller U01 E4147R
cover plate liner U01 E4018R
Frame Plate Liner U01 E4036R
ThroatBush U01 E4083R
eight/6F-AH Impeller U01 F6147R
cover plate liner U01 F6018R
Frame Plate Liner U01 F6036R
Throat Bush U01 F6083R
ten/8ST-AH Impeller U01 G8147
cover plate liner U01 G8018
Frame Plate Liner U01 G8036
throat bush U01 G8083
40PV-SP  Impeller U01 SPr4206
65QV-SP  Impeller U01 SPR65206A
100RV-SP  Impeller U01 SPR15716A

Pump CZPT areas


The parts are commonly used in Principal Apps: Heavy Mineral Processing Mixture Processing Wonderful Primary Chemical Slurry Provider Secondary Grinding Foodstuff Processing Functions Ash Dealing with Pipeline Transportation High Velocity CZPT Transport Foodstuff Processing Metallic Smelting Weighty Refuse Removing Greater Particle Or Minimal NPSHA Programs Constant (Snore) Sump Pump Operation Abrasive Slurries Large Large Sump Drainage Clean down Flooring Drainage Metal Suger Energy FGD Blending and many others.

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PU Polyurethanes   U01 Slurry Pump Spare Parts Cover Plate Liner