Transmission Precision Roller Chain 04b-72b

Transmission Precision Roller Chain 04b-72b

Stainless Steel Chains are Appropriate for Corrosive Circumstances Involving Meals, Substances Pharmaceurical, and so on. Also Suitable for higher and lower temperature problems.

Pitch precision roller chain-A&B Sequence
Single, double and triplex roller chain and bushing chain.

Solution Description

twenty five-1 to 240-one
twenty five-2 to 240-two
25-three to 240-3
04BB-1 to 72B-1
04B-2 to 72B-2
04B-3 to 72B-three

We source varied varieties of roller chains, conveyor chains, transmission chains and agricultural chains and so on. In accordance drawings.

one) A series chains:
A) Simplex: 25-one – 240-one
B) Duplex: twenty five-2 – 240-2
C) Triplex: 25-three – 240-three
2) B collection chains:
A) Simplex: 04B-1 – 72B-one
B) Duplex: 05B-two – 72B-2
C) Triplex: 05B-3 – 72B-3
three) Components: Stainless steel or carbon metal

4) Other chains CZPT: Large-obligation sequence roller chains, cottered kind short pitch precision roller chains (A series), heavy obligation sequence cottered sort roller chains, other simplex roller chains, zinc plated chains, dacromet plated chains, nickel plated chains, anti-facet bow chains, facet bow chains for pushing windows, aspect bow chains, facet bow chains, self-lubrication roller chains, silent chains, self-tooth forming chains (P. I. V. Chains), large-duty cranked-url transmission chains, steel chains for sewage disposal, oil area chains, coupling chains, motorcycle chains, O-ring motorcycle chains, engine system chain (timing chains), double pitch transmission chains and double pitch transmission chain attachments.

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Transmission Precision Roller Chain 04b-72b