Types of Sandwich Panels Aluminium Composite Panel Installation

Types of Sandwich Panels Aluminium Composite Panel Installation

Alucoone Company Indicator Aluminum Composite Panels(ACP) are widely used for Petrol Station,4S Vehicle Shop Front, Chain method Stores with Solitary or Multi-hues. which fulfill a variety of style requirements and helps make the value of processing considerably more affordable.




PVDF (Fluorine-Carbon) Coating

Conventional PVDF Coating: With Kynar five hundred PVDF, Two or 3 instances for coating and baking, had very good homes of anti-acid,anti-alkali and is sturdy in atrocious weather conditions and atmosphere, Hold 15 many years no unwelcome fading, In view of these details, We suggest this panel used for exterior wall cladding.

Nanometer PVDF Coating: Which diverse with traditional PVDF is the obvious coating, It consists of nanometer factor, Which can shield Panel from Air pollution, Because nanometer has a self-cleansing effect, It effortless to get rid of dust and pollution by working or Water,


Fluoroethylen Vinyl Ether (FEVE) resins had been developed in Japan in the early nineteen eighties. Not like other fluoropolymer resins, FEVE gives a extensive selection of appealing properties, these kinds of as excellent resistance against UV rays and other natural aspects. It is corrosion and chemical resistant.FEVE is different from industry-common PVDF Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 resins as it delivers a increased gloss of up to ninety%. Other than that all other functions are related to that of Kynar 500/ Hylar 5000 resin and we supply the ten~fifteen several years warranty on our FEVE Coated Panels. FEVE dependent coatings provide excellent climate sturdiness underneath harsh environmental problems and offer an extended time period of gloss and color retention.


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Types of Sandwich Panels Aluminium Composite Panel Installation